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Rust Works: Our Bio


I've been into VW's for many years now. I started club polo with a couple of friends nearly 20 years ago, but times change and I moved over to the aircooled scene. Since then I've worked for Jaguar and started to do mobile work for VW club members and friends that i knew.

I then became caught up in the local VW club - - and with a couple of the other members we formed Rust Works - a workshop for all things VW with our sole intentions of helping out club members and friends. Working along side VW2000 we have started to see an influx of VWs coming our way, so here we are and we are always happy to help and the kettle is always on!

Adam the tea boy

Adam started off as a bike mechanic with a love of watercooled VW's and has slowly developed a love of aircooled. He has been a avid van of all things VAG, mainly rat-look & euro-look VW's. This can be seen by his project MKIII Polo saloon, which has been slammed on a nice set of ATS classics.

Mike the paper pusher

Mike is our accounts and main face of Rust Works. He makes sure all the bills come in and out as quickly as possible. Mike has a keen interest in aircooled VW's with his ever growing collection; 2007cc T2 Bus, T3 Notch back, which has been slammed thanks to T3D and his wife's 1300cc 1970's bug. Mike currently has us building him a 1968 2200cc Turbo bug for strip and road use in our spare time. Mike is keen to get his hands dirty and has started to get a hands on approach with us in the workshop and is slowly picking it up.